Friday, September 21, 2012



Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I always thought and dreamt of it,

For hours passing by, there, I will sit,

On a beach with you, holding your hand,

And with my finger, writing your name in the sand

Looking into your eyes and comparing it with the sea

But without you looking back, happy, I can't be

My eyes will tell you everything and how much I care

Whatever I gathered so far and how willing to share

Soon you have to leave as it starts to rain

Every drop like laughing on me, gave me pain

You say "it's going to be more than difficult if away we stay"

I say, "it will kill me hundred times every single day"

Going away from me even made your tears flow,

And it made me sink in it, and on me it started to grow,

But remember, as always I say, we are like grass and dew

After a heavy sunshine, with the night fall, again, I shall see you.

Manish Rajput